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MADE Mobile Apps

A bespoke mobile app for your school or academy with an unlimited push message facility. Your app will keep you in touch with parents, teachers and the community. Most importantly, your school always has complete control over the content on your app.

Perhaps the biggest benefit for schools is that your mobile app will save you time and money. Whilst many schools are even generating income from their app using our built in sponsorship management!

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Push Notifications

Reach your parents on their mobile phones with free and unlimited push notifications.

Instantly communicate with your parents - they don’t even have to be using your app or even their phone at the time - so they’ll never miss out on any important information about your school.

Target specific groups of parents with group push messages, you create the groups – year groups or after school clubs – and your parents sign up to receive the most relevant messages to them from within your app.

School App Sponsorship

Your school mobile app includes an integrated sponsors template. This allows your school or college to generate an income through the promotion of local businesses via your mobile app. Local businesses will love the idea of being available on your app, presented to a captive audience of hundreds of parents from the local community. Helping to grow their own awareness. You can include text, image and even a link to their own website.

School app sponsorship is quick and easy to setup, and great for raising another revenue stream for your school – you can include as many sponsors as you wish! All proceeds come direct to you, we will never take a percentage of your sponsorship revenue.

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Communicating is easy

The MADE platform gives your school complete control over your mobile app. Securely log in to your own dashboard to update any text, images or even a PDF – just drag and drop! Best of all, see your changes appear as you make them, on a live app preview on the same screen – no switching back and forth!

Need to send a message to parents right away? Simple, just type your message and hit send. All parents who have downloaded your app can then receive your message, even if their phone is locked.

School to parent communication has never been this easy!

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