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Secondary Level Education

Secondary schools are using our school app as a marketing tool – catching the eye of prospective students and parents – setting their school apart from neighbouring schools that haven’t got to grips with the way parents and students want to use technology and communicate in the twenty-first century.

Our system is low maintenance and integrates easily with lots of exiting systems, such as payment systems, parent evening booking systems and the schools own website.

Our sponsorship system within the app offers the opportunity for secondary schools to support local family business’ and achieve an anualised income from the app. This pays for the cost of the app and provides additional income for the school to spend – as it pleases.

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Mobile App

The MADE platform gives your school complete control over your mobile app. Securely log in to your own dashboard to update any text, images or even a PDF – just drag and drop! Best of all, see your changes appear as you make them, on a live app preview on the same screen – no switching back and forth! Need to send a message to parents right away? Simple, just type your message and hit send. All parents who have downloaded your app can then receive your message, even if their phone is locked.

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A new website for your school for only £300 with MADE. Our website service offers you an opportunity to pair a website with your mobile app from MADE. Update your app and website simultaneously, and see live changes across both app and website. We will help launch your school website to your parents, students and community. We also have the ability to offer a comprehensive Ofsted approved webcheck of your website to ensure that it meets their set requirements for a school’s website.

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Text Service

An affordable market-leading text messaging solution, allowing your school to communicate with parents electronically via SMS text messages. The MADE text messaging service even guarantees to be 20% cheaper than your current provider. Compose and send your SMS text messages in seconds. Send a text message to individuals or groups of parents, reaching them instantly on mobile devices. Create your own groups by importing your current contacts quickly and easily.

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This MADE service allows for 100s of apps to be built by a school within their own store. These web apps can be used as digital exercise books. Our technology lets pupils share apps with their parents or others as they build them. App Camp comes with free schemes of work, platform and community support and also online training from our technical and educational specialists.

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