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MADE can help your parents, carers, teachers, health care professionals, schools and business.


MADE SEND Bespoke Apps

Our platform has the option of a parent or professional app, making bespoke apps affordable to individual users and cost effective for large groups. Online help guides & email support available from our team of app developers, trained to help you build an app and implement in features to best support the end user.

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke private app for a specific individual or for an app for a large business to support your customers meeting a wide spectrum of needs we can provide you with the tools and support individuals with hidden disabilities.

MADE SEND Apps For Businesses

Is your business looking for a mobile app to assist your customers with accessing your location or services? Whether you’re a small restaurant or an international airport, MADE can help your business build an app specifically to support customers with special educational needs & disabilities better access your facilities and the services available. Your app will be built by an experienced member of our team who has a background in communication techniques for special educational needs and an understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities.

The app, bespoke to your business, will be built with the aim of preparing customers for arrival along with what to expect, to provide information they can access while with you, leave families and individuals feeling assured that your service is SEND friendly and confident to return in future. Push notifications within the app enable you to communicate in real time about events or potential disruptions, giving you the ability to provide a high level of support for your customers with a range of additional needs.

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Build Bespoke Apps for Individuals

Our bespoke app building platform gives parents, healthcare workers, carers & teachers the ability to build an individual app or maintain a library of hundreds of themed social story and instructional apps available to any patient by sending a specific link to their app. Our platform also provides parents with the capability to build small numbers of securely build apps bespoke to an individual’s specific needs and information personal to them.

Designed to provide a wide variety of features that can be tailored in presentation for the end user, our platform is an easy to use interface that gives anyone the ability to build a mobile app that best suits the end user by using language appropriate to their understanding and by using media that is as basic or as bespoke as necessary. Any topic can be covered to provide the end user with a guide through tasks or provide further information.

Log how users are feeling

Our apps have the ability to keep a log of the users feelings on individual days as well as give the user a platform to detail how their day went and things that are important to them. The individual messages are sent to the account manager in an email and kept in a log which can also be accessed in the administration account.

The logs are ideal to gain a better insight into the users life and identify areas where extra support may be required

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Simple to use

The MADE SEND platform is easy to use with drag and drop functionality, with the option to introduce elements of HTML coding to your apps, depending on your knowledge of coding. Upload pictures, videos, PDF documents & audio files within the media resource centre.

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App statistics

Your administration account gives you all of the control you need to manage the content you have developed and add to your library when required. You have complete control over the content, themes, photos, & media within the mobile apps as well as who you share the app with. Within the administration account you can also view statistics of how frequently the users of the app access individual tabs & features.

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